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Tiling, painting, re-enforcing, insulating… we do it all! Here at Ceiling Contractors Bergsig we can take care of all your roof related needs and wants – be it aesthetic or practical. Think about the last time you looked up at your ceiling and really gave it the attention it deserves… can you remember?

Probably not, for Ceiling Contractors Bergsig  tend to forget about what is above our heads – until it caves in. With our services there is no need to worry about that gloomy possibility. How? Well it is simple really we offer a very unique type of service. We have what you could call an ongoing Roof Maintenance Service that ensures that your roof is ready for anything.

Here is how it works:

  • You pick up the phone and dial us
  • A polite trained receptionist will answer you call and put you through to a consultant who will make a time that suits you to take a look at your roof
  • After a thorough check on your roof position by highly qualified roof engineers a maintenance plan will be set up to make repairs on and up-keep your roof.
  • Ceiling Contractors Bergsig will come at regular intervals (based on the maintenance plan) to keep an eye on and repair the ceiling – so nothing comes crashing down.


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What is the best part about our service? Truthfully there are 2 major selling points. Firstly, because like a contract payments are made in monthly instalments there is no need to be concerned about finding an enormous reserve of money at one given time. Secondly, there is no stress on you to remember to maintain your overhead protection – the remembering is all on us.

You see?! It really is a unique service that keeps your ceiling where it should be with the attention it deserves! Come rain, hailstorm, gale or sunshine your roof will be prepared for anything – and with a guarantee from us that Ceiling Contractors Bergsig  have given our best. What more could you need?

Let Your Roof be Ready Always with Ceiling Contractors Bergsig today!