Ceiling Installation Boschfontein

Ceiling Installation Boschfontein, the home of installations and repairs to roof tiles and slate roofs

Don’t wait for you house to be strategically lined with buckets during our Highfield storms before getting your roof repaired. Contact Ceiling Installation Boschfontein to sort out any leakage issues before the ‘bucket-maize’ is a reality in your home.

Ceiling Installation Boschfontein has been snuffing out ceiling leaks for over a decade. Our highly qualified Leak-detectives (with their advanced leak-detecting technology) will identify any leakage points and potential leakage points to stop, secure and save you from having annual leaks when the rainy season approaches.

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Ceiling Installation Boschfontein
Ceiling Installation Boschfontein

Speaking of “leak technology”, our service includes the option of becoming your very own in-house leak-detective! What does this mean? You can have access to piece of our leak detecting technology by purchasing our Ceiling Installations in Boschfontein Android Application. Ceiling Installations in Boschfontein is a personalised leak-detecting technology especially designed for you house that will inform you when a leak begins in your roof so that the problem can be stopped before it escalates! Ceiling Installations in Boschfontein will automatically inform both us and you that a leakage has been found and we will be right there – at a fraction of the cost – to stop your leak before it tries to stop you!

Not only can Ceiling Installation Boschfontein  detect your leaks and repair them, we guarantee that our repairs hold the mark of professionals by providing guarantees up to 36 months long. With an assurance as commendable as that is there any reason to shop around? You see we care about quality more than quantity. Therefore, we assure quality repairs at reasonable prices which prove our commitment to putting the client at the top.

At Ceiling Installation Boschfontein we are sure to help you out with anything that has to do with leaks – including, waterproofing, re-enforcing, re-tiling, hole covering. If you have a leak we have a fool-proof way to top it! We play to our strengths and that strength is proofing your house from leaks so you can safely turn it into a home.

If you are interested in finding out some more details about our technology driven leak detecting ventures do not hesitate to contact us:

No more buckets will be in your future, because Ceiling Installation Boschfontein is here to help!