FAQ on Home Renovations Johannesburg

At Renovations Johannesburg we get asked a lot common questions, we hope the list below provides answers to your questions and feel free to contact us for more info.

How do I get started with renovating my house in Johannesburg?

One you have identified which areas of your home you would like to renovate, take time to find out the type and amount of renovation work required, prioritize each area as you see fit and then call us to schedule a consultation and renovation quote.

Is it possible to get custom precast concrete walls Johannesburg?

Yes, we can have custom precast concrete walls made for you, you just have to specify the size and shape of the walls and call us to get a free quotation on your requirements.

My Ceiling has a large stain on the surface how can I remove it?

The large stain on your ceiling is a sign that there is water leaking through your roof or pipes, you need to have this attended to immediately before the damage spreads and becomes severe. Contact us urgent assistance.

My roof tiles have been falling off one by one since a windstorm hit us, should I be worried?

Yes, but please do not panic. Your roof was not installed properly as shown by the loose tiles and the windstorm happened to expose the gabs in your roofing. We can repair your roofing tiles and ensure that your problems is fixed. Please contact us ASAP!

I saw someone plastering in pink and had a design pattern on the plastering, how much does this cost?

It depends on what design patterns you want, we are able to provide plastering in a variety of colours and we have a wide collection of design patterns you can look out, for custom designs please feel free to contact us for a free quotation.

How much would it cost to remove my current brick paving and install tar paving Johannesburg?

It will depend on the size of the area, contact us to schedule and appointment at your convenience and our estimators will discuss your requirements and providing you with a quote.