Granite Rensburg

Granite Rensburg

Granite Rensburg welcomes you to a world full of potential and imagination, at Granite Rensburg we have a wide range of granite made furniture, surfaces and floors. We have been specializing in granite for over 10 years providing clients with the ability to create diverse things with granite at affordable rates which gives you a long lasting material that withstand outdoor and indoor damages.

Granite Rensburg provides you with the most popular uses of granite from kitchens to bathrooms.

As a homeowner we know that you are looking for long lasting durability and aesthetic materials in and around your home. Granite is famously known to be used in places like due to their resistance to heat and in places like bathrooms due to its ability withstand the erosion’s caused by water.

Granite Rensburg provides you with granite that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime, literally, here is a list of the benefits you will get from our granite slabs:

  • Value – When you have granite surfaces in your home, making it elegant, high end and increases the value of your property.
  • High Durability – Granite is one of the toughest, you can do rough operations and it will still be good as new.
  • Natural feel and look- Granite offers a fresh natural atmosphere to your home. It creates environments that keep you grounded and calm, it makes you understand the true value of granite.
  • Reduce dirt and bacteria- your granite surfaces will be free from sticky dirt and bacteria, all takes is a warm cloth to keep it clean.
  • Simple maintenance- It takes little effort to take care of granite surfaces, whether they are counter tops, floors or outdoor furniture its can all be easily kept looking good as new.
  • Stone you can trust- Granite stone provides an easy way for you to repair it, thou it takes a lot of pressure and force to crack the surface, if you are successful with it, you can simply repair it.
  • Family user friendly- Since granite is not easily damaged, family members can try all sorts of cooking experiments and it will not be damaged at all.

At Granite Rensburg we tailor design and cut granite stone to suit clients request no matter how large or small, we will put the pieces together to give a hard, smooth and long lasting surface that will last you for years.

Granite Rensburg offers heat resistant and flat surfaces that provide a multi-useful platform.

At Granite Rensburg we provide top quality granite stone that will provide heat resistant surfaces that allow you to place even the hottest household items, the flat surface allows you and your family to do a multitude of activities.

Granite Rensburg our granite has four main finishes qualities that can be applied to your surface:

  • Polished Granite
  • Honed Granite
  • Flamed Granite
  • Brushed Granite
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Granite Rensburg provides natural granite that come with a variety of colours that add a unique character no matter how you decide to use it.

Granite Rensburg is your go to store for stocking the best granite stones that last a life time

Durable Granite Rensburg
Durable Granite Rensburg

Granite is one of the hardest materials to break, it will take a whole lot of usage to even make a crack or a scratch on it. With little care you are able to maintain it for a lifetime guaranteed! All it takes is a few wet mops every day to keep it look elegant and beautiful.

Affordable Granite Rensburg
Affordable Granite Rensburg

Granite is cheap to install, which makes a valuable surface in your home or business, any costs you spend will be earned back, adding double the value to your property.

At Granite Rensburg we have experienced granite engineers who will cut and install granite fittings according to your specifications, get in touch with for a free quotation.