Plastering Bergsig


Just opened!

Plastering Bergsig is now open for business. We offer wide range of selections just for you!

We can plaster your walls, provide the supplies or use what you have on hand to save some costs.

It is important to plaster your walls as holes, cracks and other damages can lead to worse damages in the future which can lead to … your house falling apart. PLASTERING Bergsig is against this.

Once you use our service, we will remind you to check your walls or allow us to come in and check for you. This is an optional service for you to choose, in which some we work with our partners.

Plastering Bergsig
Plastering Bergsig

Our other optional services are:

  • Inspections around the house, not only one area
  • Maintenance ie repainting, plumbing
  • Emails sent on latest stock

We also offer different types of plaster

  • Cement
  • Clay
  • Lime
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  • Plaster contractors Bergsig
  • Plastering walls Bergsig
  • Plasterer Bergsig
  • Plastering wall Crack repair Bergsig
  • Wall Repairs Bergsig
  • Plastering services Bergsig
  • Plastering Installer Bergsig
  • Plastering Installation Bergsig

Plastering Bergsig use to work for the construction company however we decided to branch out to reach out to a specific market that is plastering walls only, but still offering other services. However, we are still in touch with the construction company so if you do need to build a new building but would like to stay in business with us. We can organize a partnership on the project based on your needs and wants!

Plastering Bergsig
Plastering Bergsig

Please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Business hours

Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm

Weekends 9am to 5pm