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I am made up of 6 sections of roof. Each section has a vertical side with windows and a sloping section which drains rainwater into a large box gutter which in turn discharges through steel downpipes.

I am exposed to the elements, even more so than domestic roofs, as I am situated in an industrial are with high pollution, call Roof Repair  Nigel Central.

Roof Repairs Nigel Central

My needs are for regular care and maintenance :  painting, replacing of window panes, removal of pigeon droppings then installation of reflectors to keep pigeons away.

In my case I was neglected by my owners for about six years , after they lost their previous tenant. During that time Roof Repair  Nigel Central was vandalised. Many of my roofing sheets were stolen and landed up as walls for shacks.

All of my steel components rusted. Window panes cracked , pigeons made their homes on me.

Now, they have found a new tenant on provision they renew Roof Repair  Nigel Central to my previous condition.

This is a costly exercise and requires planning, costing, awarding contracts, product quality selection.

Then the site establishment, time management logistics, co-ordination, regular inspections. Health and safety issues.

The correct supervision is of utmost importance.

Roof repairs Nigel Central
Roof repairs Nigel Central

Roof repair companies Nigel Central can hardly wait for the work to begin, to hear the sound of workmen and power tools, to feel their healing hands as they:   remove the rust , clean, prime and paint. A new coat of paint is what is have longed for  strip off all remaining roof sheeting and replace with new, shiny IBR joint-waterproofed sections.  Break out of all broken window panes and replacing with new.   Clean and washing off all refurbished surfaces.   Tailor-made to suit their needs.

Roof repairs Nigel Central
Roof repairs Nigel Central

Roof Repair  Nigel Central is a living entity which is exposed to all the elements especially acid rain

Roof Repair  Nigel Central protect homes, schools, factories,  hotels etc.