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Slate roof repairs Boschhoek, helping you with installations and repair

When a slate roof is born it is a pedigree. It’s proud straight lines of tiles glistening in the sunlight. Unfortunately, as with all creatures of blue blood they all vulnerable and require the utmost of care from day one done by Slate roof repairs Boschhoek.

There is no book called “Repairing Slate roofs for dummies”. Effective maintenance and repair of   slate roofs is only for qualified, experienced Slate roof repairs Boschhoek who provide a 10 year warrantee.

Roof restorations Boschhoek
Roof restorations Boschhoek

Slate roof repairs Boschhoek, a testimonial story below:

To my dismay I have never been properly cared for.

Mike and Joan recently bought the home at a good price, fully aware of my condition. They had enough money to replace me. A couple of months after they moved in, his business lost a big order and he had to shelve his plans for me.

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The nails holding my slates in place eventually rusted, my tiles loosened and slid out of position. This caused leaks, which adversely affect the brandering which supports my tiles. I went out of shape and became ragged looking. Of course the leaks damaged my ceilings.

Slate roof repairs Boschhoek to the rescue.

I had been patched before but the old patches tends to crack after a couple of years and have to be covered with new.

Mike has been patching my leaks as much as possible.

To locate leaks is extremely difficult as they are not normally visible from the top. He has got to go inside me on a sunny day to :

push pieces of wire out where the sun shines through or when it rains.


test with a  hose pipe or go inside me when it rains.

Slate roof Repairs Boschhoek
Slate roof Repairs Boschhoek

So the patchwork begins. There are two methods:

Both require the initial preparation of  thorough cleaning.

One is the applying a roof paint, then a membrane and a top

coat of paint.

The other is the application of a fibre-inclusive paint.

He has to walk on me to access the leaks, thus causing more tiles to shift and break.

Slate roof repairs Boschhoek has had valley flashings that have rusted over the years and replacing of them would be impossible without major surgery.

The above expensive exercise proves the saying “A house is a thief “.

Slate roof repairs Boschhoek